List of animals spotted

Callum & I went camping at Booloumba Creek for a couple days post-xmas and it was just so refreshing to be out of the ho-hum city life. We spotted SO many animals and decided to make a list…


GOMA turns 10

Today we went to Brisbane’s modern art gallery and saw some pretty cool shit. The first photo features Nick Cave’s* Heard 2012 and the second one was a really trippy light installation, Anthony McCall’s Crossing 2016. *I had to google him, not to be confused with our beloved Australian virtuoso; “with his powerful physique and gentle mid-western accent, African-American […]


Note: Last night, I found myself rifling through almost a decade of my life; in the form of images saved from the internet, photos, poems, narrated thoughts – a collection of inspiration, reflection and memories, I guess. I found some pretty interesting pieces of writing which I’d like to share – this one was originally written […]