“a normal life”

what the fuck is a normal life?
who sets the standards?
are normal people the ones who don’t stop and wonder and question their normality?

so i suppose in this day&age
i’m referring to the consumerist/capitalist/developed world
where you work a 9-5 job
get ~MONEY~
go to dinner parties and fancy restaurants and go on holiday to exotic destinations
find a wife/husband
have some kids

and… thus find meaning in your life?

i don’t find any of these things appealing in the slightest, does that make me weird/different/ab-normal?
but i suppose sometimes the ‘fuck society’ attitude gets a little tiring
and i think that perhaps the other side is simpler, easier…

yet realistically, i’d rather sit here and question my painful existence than
put on a pretty dress and high-heels and surround myself with sycophantic friends and not wonder what it means to be


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