List of animals spotted

Callum & I went camping at Booloumba Creek (in Conondale National Park) for a couple days post-xmas, and it was just so refreshing to be out of the humdrum city life. We spotted A LOT of animals and decided to make a list (note: some of the animals we couldn’t recognise so I’ve used descriptions instead*):

  1. Pademelon
  2. Wom poo pigeons (heard but not seen)
  3. Little orange faced bird*
  4. Black cockatoos
  5. Bell miners
  6. King parrots
  7. Willy wag-tails/billy butt-tails
  8. Kingfishers
  9. Wallabies
  10. (Tree) snek!
  11. Goanna
  12. Bats
  13. Bower bird’s nest (not an animal, but v interesting)
  14. Kookaburras
  15. Guppies
  16. Catfish
  17. Brown dove birds*
  18. Red-bellied finch
  19. Wrens
  20. Mouse faced bird*
  21. Green wing pink face pigeon*
  22. Spangled drongo
  23. Yellow robin
  24. Quail type birds*
  25. Grey-striped thrush
  26. Long-beak mousey brown white-stripe faced bird*
  27. Whip-bird
  28. Red belly black snake
  29. Itty bitty grey guy/bird*
  30. Herons

All in all, a very successful nature expedition.



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