Richard Axel

“Before you know, you must imagine” Curiosity, intellectual intensity and collaboration – these words define Dr. Richard Axel’s distinguished scientific career. His pioneering work on the olfactory system won him and his fellow investigator, Linda Buck, the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 2004. This award reflected over a decade of work accomplished in […]

Past & progress & a science-writing retrospective

So it’s been a while. Mental health issues and an intense relationship later, I’m finally feeling sort of stable again, still slightly oscillating but not to any extremes. My psychologist suggested I make a mind-map to develop my study and work goals, and it was immensely helpful. It is just so refreshing feeling interested in […]

Pop culture kills brain cells

Sadly, catchy headlines like the above are too easily unquestioningly accepted by the lay audience. Add in a “studies show” or “scientists say” and of course it must be true! Here, I will outline two common neuroscience related myths that have consistently perpetuated in popular culture, and why there are more consequences than simply irking […]

Practice makes perfect

Writer’s note: This was written in February 2013, in an attempt to land a summer internship at The Economist. I failed to get this internship, and ended up at a different one in Stockholm (the best city ever), so, you know, suck it. Extraordinary talent is easily recognisable. Talented writers are published, talented musicians join […]